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Ford 331/425hp



Ford 331 Crate Engine by Tuff Dawg Engines

If you are looking to upgrade that old, tired Ford 289 or Ford 302 and bolt in extra horsepower this Ford 331 stroker crate engine by Tuff Dawg Engines would be an EXCELLENT choice with 425hp @ 6000rpm and 398ft lbs of torque @ 4500rpm. This engine has a rough idle with enough cam to give it that extra muscle. This engine should be used with a 2500 stall speed converter if being used with an automatic transmission, and a 670cfm Holley carburetor is recommended. This engine runs on leaded or unleaded premium pump fuel.

The balanced rotating assembly (typically includes crankshaft, pistons, rings, connecting rods, hardened racing rod bearings, and balancer) featured in this engine:

  • 3.250" stroke steel crank
  • 5.400" rods with ARP rod bolts
  • 10 to 1 compression forged pistons

More special features of this engine include:

  • Seasoned block that has been vatted, magnafluxed for cracks, thermal cleaned and steelabrated, bored, honed and plateau honed to fit new flat top forged oversized pistons
  • Deck head gasket surface on block to ensure a good long lasting seal
  • There are many different piston, rod, and stroke combinations on the market today for the 331 and 347 Ford engines. Our combination has the longest rod length possible allowing the best rod angle in the market. The longer rod allows the piston to dwell longer at the top and bottom of the cylinder for a greater fuel/air charge. The forged piston we use is designed with the rings close to the top of the piston, allowing less gasses to get trapped in between the piston and cylinder wall minimizing detonation by allowing a cleaner, hotter burn. This is simply not possible with many of the other combinations available today. The oil ring on our engine does not intersect into the wrist pin making it a more reliable, stronger ring having less chance to flex and use oil like many other widely used combinations. We have seen many engines using these other combinations that have failed prematurely due to the poor oil ring land design that shortens engine life. So before you build or buy a stroker motor, do your homework, we have!
  • New CompCams Hydraulic roller tappet cam with .513"Int/.529"Exh valve lift (Must use 351W firing order)
  • High quality ProComp Racing performance heads are 356A Aluminum cast with thicker deck surface for improved sealing
  • This set of heads weighs 50lbs less than the cast iron head
  • 75cc Exhaust ports that are deburred and polished
  • 60cc Combustion chambers
  • New 2.02"Int/1.600"Exh stainless valves with undercut stems to improve flow
  • Heads have 3-angle valve job
  • New Hardened exhaust seats for use with leaded or unleaded fuel
  • New 1.440" high performance springs set up to match cam
  • New Screw-in studs with guide plates
  • New High temperature valve seals
  • New Bronze valve guides
  • New 1.6 full roller rocker arms
  • New Oversize forged flat top pistons and rings
  • New Hardened push rods
  • New Heavy duty double row timing set
  • New Oil pump
  • New Brass expansion plugs
  • New Hardened racing main and rod bearings to fit 3.250" stroke crankshaft
  • New Edelbrock Air Gap dual plane aluminum intake manifold
  • All parts are painted separately before assembly for that show quality look

This engine comes completely assembled with a high capacity oil pan, timing cover, harmonic balancer, valve covers, and Edelbrock Air Gap dual plane aluminum intake manifold.

This engine is covered by a 6 month written warranty.
(There is no warranty when using a Blower, Turbo, Super Charger or NOS)

If you have any questions regarding this item please call us at
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